A Request for Stories About Coping

Hello Friends,

I have the great privilege of teaching a special topics course in the fall semester about the ways that humans use communication to cope with loss and trauma. I am asking all of you bright and lovely people to help me locate stories that will help enhance the richness of our course.

Please suggest any stories you know that have lessons related to coping (e.g., hardship, adversity, resiliency, overcoming loss, etc.). I am primarily interested in collecting narratives (self-told stories) and myths or legends (stories about others that provide meaning). Additionally, stories from all cultural and religious contexts are encouraged. Even if you don’t know where to find or purchase the book or whether it’s been translated, please suggest it and I will look into it!

I have a few stories in mind already and a lot of the theoretical and methodological work that we will be covering. However,  I would love to include several exemplar stories as options for us to analyze during our class. You’re input would be greatly appreciated – thank you in advance! Please comment below or email me!

All my best,


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