Teaching & Scholarship

Courses I Teach

Department of Communication, University of Nebraska at Kearney

  • SPCH 100: Fundamentals of Speech Communication
  • SPCH 252: Communication Inquiry
  • SPCH 370: Small Group Communication
  • SPCH 401: The Art of Storytelling (Special Topics Course)
  • SPCH 451/851P: Leadership Communication
  • SPCH 452/852P: Advanced Organizational Communication
  • SPCH 460: Independent Study and Research
  • SPCH 883: Qualitative Research Methods


Refereed Journal Articles

Luethke, T. N., Matkin, G., & Fleig-Palmer, M. (Under review). Leader emergence as an adaptive response among MENA refugee and immigrant women in the U.S. Submitted to Academy of Management Discoveries, September of 2020.

Luethke, T. N., Brachle, B., McElravy, L. J., & Matkin, G. (In press). LMX and grit: The effects of abusive supervision and member grittiness on leader-member relationships. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, 17(5).

Fleig-Palmer, M., Lear, J. L., Palmer, D. K., Luethke, T. (2012). How do mentors and proteges choose each other? The influence of benevolence, OCB, and POS on the initiation of mentoring relationships. Journal of Business and Leadership: Research, Practice and Teaching, 8, 32-42.

Refereed Chapters in Books

Najjar, K., Luethke, T. N., & Tuliao, M. (2018). Workforce transitions for MENA refugee women in the United States. Refugee Education: Strategies, Policies and Directions.