Teaching & Scholarship

Courses I Teach

Department of Communication, University of Nebraska at Kearney

  • SPCH 100: Fundamentals of Speech Communication
  • SPCH 252: Communication Inquiry
  • SPCH 370: Small Group Communication
  • SPCH 401: The Art of Storytelling (Special Topics Course)
  • SPCH 451/851P: Leadership Communication
  • SPCH 452/852P: Advanced Organizational Communication
  • SPCH 460: Independent Study and Research
  • SPCH 883: Qualitative Methodology


Refereed Journal Articles

Luethke, T. N., Brachle, B., McElravy, L. J., & Matkin, G. (2020). LMX and grit: The effects of abusive supervision and member grittiness on leader-member relationships. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, 17(5), 69-83.

Fleig-Palmer, M., Lear, J. L., Palmer, D. K., Luethke, T. (2012). How do mentors and proteges choose each other? The influence of benevolence, OCB, and POS on the initiation of mentoring relationships. Journal of Business and Leadership: Research, Practice and Teaching, 8, 32-42.

Refereed Chapters in Books

Najjar, K., Luethke, T. N., & Tuliao, M. (2018). Workforce transitions for MENA refugee women in the United States. Refugee Education: Strategies, Policies and Directions.