Yoga Classes & Private Sessions

Weekly Class Schedule

Yoga Flow: Monday and Wednesday at 6pm, Anytime Fitness, Kearney, NE

A great edition to any exercise regimen. This form of yoga is characterized by a flowing series of poses practiced in an easy to understand and easy to follow succession. Each class includes a warm up, energetic flow, and final relaxation. Focus is on balance, stability, and development of core strength. Options and variations make this class suitable for a variety of levels.

Evening Yin: Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm, Anytime Fitness, Kearney, NE

An excellent counter-balance to any rigorous exercise routine. Yin Yoga helps prevent injury through conditioning of the body’s fascia. A very relaxing, mellow approach to yoga that taps into the same energy (meridian) system as Acupuncture. A great place for someone new to yoga or someone looking for a way to melt away stress and find balance. Almost all poses are done lying on the ground, allowing gravity to do the work for you, with effects similar to getting a massage.

We ALL need Yin Yoga!


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Class schedule coming soon!


No classes currently available

Private Sessions and Special Events

Options including office yoga, sessions for couples, and individualized plans.

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